Discover Givendale, a Brown Bearded Iris from our Collection of Award Winning British Bearded Irises.

One of the best

A highly unusual Iris, with a striking distinctive ‘tan/amber’ colour and characteristic ‘Dodsworth’ form and branching. Something appealing and very different.

Named after one of the hidden gems in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with a simple church at the head of a secret valley.

Use this Brown Beard Iris to build your Iris Collection

A really versatile iris that mixes well with other colours. Try it with other ‘Hots’ (Reds/Browns, Orange Yellow and Magenta); it looks striking when planted with ‘Softs’ (Pinks/Pale Yellow). A ‘must have’ iris plant in my garden.

Early flowering, and goes well with Lime Soda that flowers at the same time,  Red Pike that follows, and with the early ‘pinks’. Underrated.

Bred by Bryan Dodsworth and registered in 1989. 42” (107cm). Ruffled Tan self; bronze beard.

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Early Bloom


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Planting Instructions

Irises are hardy and easy to grow providing instructions are followed correctly. Full instructions are provided with each order or you can read more on our Planting Irises page.

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