Eileen Louise

Introducing Eileen Louise, a Classic Pink Bearded Iris. This is the latest addition to our exclusive range of top notch Pink Bearded Irises. Named by my father in memory of his mother, my grandmother.

Building Your Collection

This exceptional early flowering iris has a perfect flower shape and classic ‘Dodsworth’ branching. It is also scented.

It flowers towards the end of the early flowering period and just before the start of the mid- period.

Choosing Pink Irises

If you like ‘Pinks’ as many of our customers do, grow them in sequence. For instance, start with Eileen Louise, follow this with Catherine Seville and before you add Century Pink. It is worth considering one further option. Grow Century Pink with Sherwood Pink, a little taller (another very late flowering variety), and go out with a bang with a spectacular show of ‘Pinks’ at the end of the iris season.

This makes it the perfect iris to help extend the iris flowering season in your garden – the aim of all iris lovers.

Mixing with other Colours

Our Irises combine clear clean colours, great branching and perfect flower shape to create a ‘Perfect’ Iris.

Remember too that this Classic Pink Bearded Iris mixes particularly well with all colour groups: ‘Cools’ (Blues and Whites), ‘Hots (Deep Yellow, Orange, Reds and Mulberry) and ‘Softs’ (Lilac/Pale Yellow and other Pinks).

Registered by Bryan Dodsworth in 1999, Height 36″(91cm) , a Ruffled Pale Pink Self, Tangerine Beards, Fragrant.

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Planting Instructions

Irises are hardy and easy to grow providing instructions are followed correctly. Full instructions are provided with each order or you can read more on our Planting Irises page.

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