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    Buy our vibrant ‘Hot’ British Bearded Irises to provide real impact in your garden. Their clear clean colours give you so many options. Mix with other ‘Hot’ Bearded irises for intensity and dramatic impact, but with the ‘Softs’ for a more subtle contrast, and surprise yourself with the results you achieve. DISCOUNTS available for larger purchases (1-2) £16.50/(3-5) £16.00/(6-8) £15.50/(9+) £14.75.
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  • Cools


    Enjoy our exclusive collection of Cool British Bearded Irises. Choose from a wide range of cool colours; world-class ‘Blues’ to show-stopping whites, and colours in between. Mix combinations of ‘Cools’ together; or try ‘Cools’ and ‘Softs’. Remember there is so much choice with these single clear clean colours. DISCOUNTS available for larger purchases (1-2) £16.50/(3-5) £16.00/(6-8) £15.50/(9+) £14.75.
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  • Softs


    Buy from our exclusive collection of 'Soft' British Bearded Irises. Develop your colour palette with our Award Winning British Bearded Irises. Plant as individual varieties, or mix these sophisticated ‘Softs’ with ‘Hots’ and ‘Cools’, to create real contrast and impact. DISCOUNTS available for larger purchases (1-2) £16.50/(3-5) £16.00/(6-8) £15.50/(9+) £14.75.
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The most successful Hybridiser of British Tall Bearded Irises in the Twentieth Century

The English Iris Company

Buy Our Exclusive British Bearded Irises
The English Iris Company offers a range of Exclusive British Bearded Irises that will bring style and structure to your garden.

Our Iris Pedigree
Bryan Dodsworth is the most celebrated twentieth century British Hybridiser of British Bearded Irises, a former President and regular exhibitor at British Iris Society Shows for over thirty years. He is the winner of twelve British Dykes Medals for Iris Hybridising (no one has won the medal previously more than four times in 90 years).


We sell only his Exclusive British Bearded Irises and varieties that use his breeding lines. These are top of the range Bearded Irises, the 'thoroughbreds' of the iris world, and some of the best available. This means that you can be confident in what you buy.

National Collection
Our Irises have National Collection status, approved by Plant Heritage - further evidence of their quality and significance.

BBC TV Gardeners World 1989-2016
BBC TV feature our irises in a GW broadcast in July 2016 with Simon Dodsworth who talks about his father's achievements and the steps he is taking to preserve his father's extraordinary legacy. In an earlier programme from 1989, Bryan Dodsworth explains his approach to iris hybridising.

From this you can see that our Exclusive Award Winning British Bearded Irises have maintained their active appeal for gardeners and the media for over twenty five years.

What We do
Iris Specialists- British and independent We only grow British Bearded Irises and you will get help and advice from people who understand irises and are familiar with British growing conditions.

Exhibitors at RHS Shows at Chelsea in 2015, Chatsworth in 2017 and Hampton Court in 2018

High profile Gardens You can visit Display Collections of our irises at some high profile gardens in UK.

Our Irises
We grow and breed all our irises in UK. Our Exclusive British Bearded Irises cope well with our weather and are suited to climate change; they tolerate extremes of heat and cold and bulk up quickly.  Our irises are easy to grow and will last for years and years. Our Exclusive British Bearded Irises make the perfect garden plant.

Why Our Irises are Different
Our Irises combine clear clean colours, great branching and perfect flower shape to create a 'Perfect' Iris. This is what makes our Irises different, and why we are proud to present our Collection of Exclusive British Bearded Irises, something that it took Bryan Dodsworth, my father, over 40 years to create.

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What makes the Perfect Iris?

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