• Classic


    Selected from prize-winning stock developed by Bryan Dodsworth, the most successful twentieth century British hybridiser
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  • Contemporary


    Our contemporary collection is built around irises raised by Barry Emmerson, who was, for many years, Dodsworth’s student
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  • Newnham College

    Newnham College

    We worked with Newnham College, Cambridge to develop an exciting collection of Tall Bearded Irises for the launch of their 21st Century Garden Project at a Secret Gardens Ball in June 2013
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The most successful Hybridiser of British Tall Bearded Irises in the Twentieth Century

The English Iris Company

We champion the British Tall Bearded Iris and offer an exciting but exclusive range of top quality plants, many never previously available. Our irises are developed from prize-winning stock and selected by experts renowned for their rigour and lack of compromise in their search for the perfect iris. Our plan is to release some new varieties each year.

You are guaranteed a top quality plant with good structure, form and balance, with perfect flower formation and excellent bud count.

British Tall Bearded Irises bring style and structure to a mixed border, or dramatic effect when planted en masse. They are easy to grow and tolerant of extremes of heat and cold; they will thrive when planted in a sunny position and simple instructions are followed. Read More About Us

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