Henry Sidgwick

Henry Sidgwick is a Ruffled Red Bearded Iris. Named after the Founder of Newnham College, an iris of undoubted character.

The falls have a velvet texture, deep red with a black sheen and a short pencil line white stripe where the dark orange beard ends. This is a really great addition to our ‘Reds’, darker than Red Pike, with Red Kite, a deeper colour still.

Plant this Ruffled Red Bearded Iris on its own, in groups or blocks;  mix with other ‘Hots’ (Oranges/Reds/Browns/Magentas); try with ‘Softs’ (Pinks).

Bred by Barry Emmerson.

The standards and style arms of the gently ruffled blooms are dark red bordering on brown.

Part of the Newnham Collection (Henry Sidgwick/Catherin Seville/Old Hall/Peile Hall).

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Mid Bloom


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Planting Instructions

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