Blue Crevasse

We welcome Blue Crevasse to our exclusive range of Blue Bearded Irises. This Pale Blue bearded Iris complements our existing Award Winning collection of Blue Bearded Irises: Bryan’s Best Blue, Skye Blue and Wharfedale.

This is an exceptional Pale Blue Bearded Iris, paler than Skye Blue. The Standards (the three vertical petals) are a diaphanous, translucent pale blue, redolent of the glacier after which the plant was named. The falls (the three horizontal petals) are paler still, almost grey with distinctive veining. This is a sophisticated, classy Pale Blue Bearded Iris, with perfect flower shape and classic ‘Dodsworth’ branching.

Blue Crevasse is great as a standalone iris, it mixes well with other ‘Cools’ (Blues and Whites); experiment with ‘Softs’ (Pale yellow, Lilac and Pinks); try with ‘Hots’ (Deep Yellow, Orange, Reds and Mulberry).

Registered in 1997. Height 42″ (107cm), Standards Pale Blue, Falls pale blue/grey. Beard Palest Blue.
Sweetly scented, fruity, sweet mango.

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Fruity Sweet Mango


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