Newnham College Cambridge

Newnham College, Cambridge

We are delighted to be associated with Newnham College Cambridge and to have been selected to develop an exclusive range of irises to start the Newnham Collection that supports the College’s 21st Century Garden Fund Project launched in June 2013.

Iris Display Beds


Henry Sidgwick
Breeder Barry Emmerson

Named after the Founder of Newnham College, an iris of undoubted character. The standards and style arms of the gently ruffled blooms are dark red bordering on brown.

The falls have a velvet texture and show a deep red colour with a black sheen, with a short pencil line white stripe where the dark orange beard ends.

Peile Hall
Breeder Barry Emmerson

A striking iris with heavily ruffled blue white standards. The slightly ruffled purple falls have lavender markings across the shoulder and under the beard.

Bears are lavender with orange in the throat.

Old Hall
Breeder Bryan Dodsworth

A stunning orange iris of genuinely classic proportions. It has gently ruffled blooms that are strong orange in colour, blushed pink at the mid rib.

The beards are bright orange.


Stocks are limited and these will be sold on a first come first served basis. Demand since the launch has been strong, we advise placing an order soon to avoid disappointment.


£12 per rhizome of which £2 is donated to the Garden Fund Project.


Three irises of each variety, nine in total for £100. (£18 donated to the Garden Fund Project).


We have also worked with Newnham College to develop a display border that includes 100 irises to celebrate British Irises and their Hybridisers. The new border generated considerable interest, not only from Alumnae, but also in gardening circles.

The display border was planted in Summer 2013 and the irises are doing well. They flowered in May/June 2014, although the border will be at its best from 2015 onwards. The Display Garden will be open formally for the first time in 2016. Full details will be posted on our Events page of the website in due course.