British Tall Bearded Irises

Iris Advice

We offer a bespoke advisory service to customers planning an iris garden. This can be limited to providing general advice about selecting suitable Tall Bearded Irises, and the options available, to something on a larger scale such as planning a new iris bed or border both within the UK and abroad. During the last three years we have been working closely with a Swiss Client to develop a spectacular new Iris border in a stunning Alpine location.

We also provide advice about general care and maintenance of irises, both during the iris season and throughout the year.

Iris selection is really important to create impact. We go out of our way to show individual blooms and the full stem, and sometimes groups of the same variety for each named iris. If you want a Classic approach for your garden, we have an unrivalled selection of ‘thoroughbreds’ with great form and structure.

For something more modern or contemporary, we can offer you exciting new colours and colour combinations, but with the benefit of classic form and structure.

This is something unique to the English Iris Company, and remember that all our irises are developed and raised in Britain.

The nature of our involvement may vary and be quite limited. However, we do plan and in some cases help make or build a new iris border from scratch. These tend to be larger projects and involve a good degree of collaboration.

Examples can be seen at Doddington Hall near Lincoln and at Newnham College Cambridge.

We are keen to develop good links with our customers.

If you need help or advice on general matters, or need our help to plan a new iris bed or border, please contact us for further information.