British Tall Bearded Irises & Accessories

The English Iris Company champions British bred Tall Bearded Irises. Our collections are based on Bryan Dodsworth’s Award Winning Irises and new varieties that involve his breeding lines. These ‘Dodsworth’ irises have perfect flower shape, distinctive branching and ‘clear clean colours’.

We have grouped the irises by colour: ‘Hots’, ‘Cools’ and ‘Softs’ to show how different colours can be mixed together to create a display that has real style and visual appeal. Explore our ‘Scented’ irises and browse by Bloom Period to extend the flowering season in your garden with a mix of Plants from “Early’, ‘Mid’ and ‘Late’ Bloom Periods.

Our irises are easy to grow, hardy and tolerant of extremes of heat and cold. They are also better suited to our wetter climate than many commercial varieties that are raised abroad.